Car Grooming

We have a full range of car cleaning products and experienced staff using professional grooming tools to ensure your vehicle gets the best treatment!
The details of our car grooming work shows as following:
Exterior Grooming
1. Car washing with car shampoo including rims and tyre.
2. Clay vehicle to remove fine sands which may create fine scratches while polishing.
3. Polishing coating for deep cleaning and removing hairline / fine scratches.
4. Polishing with wax leaving the surface smooth and shine.
5. Sand and wax on windows and windscreen to remove dirt.
6. Wheels clean and tires shine
7. Touch up with paint brush based on your vehicle colour code.
Interior Grooming
1. Engine compartment cleaning and shine.
2. Car interior vacuum including boot.
3. Protectors coating to dashboard and leather seats.
4. Cleaning stains with ArmorAll Carpet & Upholstery that penetrates deep into fabric fibers and removes grease, dirt and odors.
5. We will clean almost all the parts of the vehicle you can see once your door open.
What we do not cover…
1. We avoid removing items from vehicle unless necessary.
2. We do not open any compartment of the car, as there maybe valuable belongings.