Hybrid Car Servicing

Hybrid Servicing
Hybrid cars are growing in popularity in Singapore.Similarly, interest in hybrid cars is also seen growing in Europe, China & North America. With these vehicles, there are specific products better suited for hybrid engines that are different from our conventional engine vehicles.
The hybrid engine is developed to use the benefits of two engine types in one application. The internal combustion engine is better performing at high speed while the assistance battery engine is better performing as back-up system used during start of the engine and used as support for the combustion engine. The main advantages of hybrid vehicles are as follows:
1. Fuel Economy Savings
2. Emission reduction
3. Less friction
4. Extended lifecycle of the brake system and battery
Lubricants suitable for hybrid engines are typically containing a low viscosity grade. We will provide you the right oil for your vehicle & below find our highly recommend hybrid engine oil changes: